I keep seeing spray lotions popping up all over and it’s definitely peaked my interest. I have no issue with standard lotions, body butters or even body oils so I’m not sure why I care, but it’s a shiny new object, right? 🙂 I stumbled across the Air Kiss Light Moisturizing Lotion from Kiss My Face the other day and instantly added it to my basket since it’s the first cruelty free option I’ve seen. Having tried it out, I thought I’d share my thoughts. Keep in mind that this is the only spray lotion I have ever tried so I have no basis for comparison.

I’m going to get straight to the point for once – the spray lotion is weird. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really like it, nor do I see any point to it. It is not easier to apply…in fact, I might argue that it’s more of a pain in the ass! It does moisturize well, but no better or worse than any other lotion. The smell is ok, but nothing spectacular (I went for the Tropical Coconut scent which doesn’t smell much like anything tropical, nor do I smell coconut. Kind of smells like butter to me. I believe there are two other scents: something with lavender and I think another with Olive Oil?). Basically the Light Moisturizing Lotion is just lotion in a spray can – shocking news, eh? :)


The fact that it’s in a can is actually a problem. I found that I would spray the lotion on to say my arm, rub it in and then my hands would be so slippery that I had to use bothhands to hold the can while trying to push down the nozzle for the other arm. Not ideal. You could spray your entire body and then rub in the lotion, but that seemed awkward to me. It also sprays out a pretty thick coating of lotion, so it definitely requires rubbing in and therefore is basically no different than a traditional lotion. And yes, it can get a bit of lotion all over the area in which you’re applying it. On the plus side, it does have an “any-angle” sprayer, which is great when trying to spray hard-to-reach areas like your back! Interesting, but a no go for me on the continuous spray can.


As for the lotion itself, it is surprisingly good! I figured it would be pretty ineffective and/or a greasy mess. Kiss My Face claims the following: “absorbs in seconds, lightweight feel and for extra dry skin.” It actually has an almost foam-like consistency when it sprays out so it doesn’t run or streak down your body. Strangely, it kind of reminds me of shaving cream in consistency. It is quite thick, but not overly heavy and it does absorb almost instantly as it’s rubbed in. The lotion is actually a great balance between too rich and not hydrating enough. As I mentioned, it doesmake my hands greasy, but I don’t feel like it makes my body feel greasy. I’m not sure that I would say that it’s great for “extra dry skin,” but it’s definitely going to up the hydration factor for anyone. All in all it’s actually a really nice moisturizer with a crappy delivery system.


That’s really all I have to say for this new fad of spray lotion. It’s an interesting concept that really is no more convenient than the old-fashioned version. Like I said, it’s a good moisturizer so if you’re in the market for something new and don’t mind the slippery mess of a can aspect, the Kiss My Face Air Kiss Light Moisturizing Lotion is a good product. To be fair, you can spray your whole body and then rub in the lotion to avoid the slippery problem, but I just can’t get on board with it. I will probably give another brand a try just to see if there’s any difference (there is also one made by Jasoncalled the Sheer Spray Lotion), but I don’t think I’m going to keep this fad in business! 🙂
(More than I would actually spray for my arm!)



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