There has been a fair amount of buzz surrounding Sunday Riley lately. It seemed a bit odd to me given the price points of the products. Sure, the claims seem fantastic, but since when do products actually live up to their hype? Well, I’m convinced that the Luna Sleeping Night Oil is definitely a product deserving of the hype…and the high price point!

I had been hearing a fair amount about Sunday Riley products for maybe the past year, but immediately was turned off by the price. I’m not against spending money on good skincare, but it better actually make a noticeable improvement to my skin! JNot wanting to go down the expensive road, I kind of put the buzz to the side and tried other things with some success, but my skin was still not anywhere near as good as I would hope it to be – most specifically, my visible pores have been the bane of my existence. One day I saw an interview with Sunday Riley herself pop up in my YouTube feed on the Pixiwoo sisters’ channel and set about watching it (check it out here– it’s worth every second!). I was definitely impressed by not only her scientific background and knowledge, but her ability to communicate the science behind her products in a manner that even I can understand. I began paying more attention to the ever-growing hype and finally decided to give the Luna Oil a try.

Luna boasts some pretty serious claims. Among such claims are the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, improve damaged skin, fight the loss of skin elasticity, help with eczema and dermatitis, improve inflamed and irritated skin, and regulate oil production. Lofty goals, indeed! It contains trans-retinol ester (basically a less irritating form of retinol which is known for its ability to treat acne and slow down the aging process) as well as a number of anti-inflammatory botanicals to help reduce the potential for irritation common with retinol products. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of Luna is that it is delivered by way of cold-pressed oils to allow for quick absorption into the skin. Mix all of that into a gorgeous glass dropper bottle and you have what is actually a noticeably effective skincare product.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my skin! I applied 3 drops of the lovely blue-green oil around bedtime and when I looked in the mirror an hour or so later, the barely there lines beginning on my forehead were suddenly gone. Like any good skeptic, I assumed that I just really wanted it to work and was seeing what I wanted…though a reduction in fine lines wasn’t my primary interest in Luna. The next morning I awoke to brighter looking skin with improved texture and a seeming reduction in pore size! Surely it’s all in my head though. After a few days, if that, my family seemed to have taken notice of my skin’s improving condition as well. It’s kind of rare my family comments on my skin, but if they do it’s often out of concern for the fact that something looks like its causing harm. Not this time. They agreed that it seemed to look better and that my pores were less noticeable. Here we are maybe a month later and I definitely do not want to go without the Luna Sleeping Night Oil!

I cannot guarantee anything actually looks different in photos, but I do notice a genuine difference. I swear my pores are less noticeable. I haven’t really had much of anything worthy of being called a breakout and anything that seems like a typical troublesome spot never actually appears. I feel like my skin looks brighter and just healthier. My foundation definitely has applied better and my pores are not emphasized as much by makeup as they used to be. I think my skin may have been dehydrated before and this has remedied the issue. I don’t find myself getting overly oily, nor is my skin dry or tight (it’s usually normal to combination with an oily t-zone). I’ve had no irritation and honestly the only real complaint I have is the price. Even that doesn’t bother me too heavily because I literally can cover my face with 3 drops of oil so I’m fairly certain one bottle will last me quite some time. I am definitely a believer in Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil!
The Brutal Truth: Around 8 months ago vs After Luna Oil
(Hard to see a difference, I know)

Makeup Applied to Skin Before Luna Oil & Makeup After Luna Oil
(I feel like the texture difference is more apparent in these photos)

Given how much I love this product, I’m not sure I would tell everyone to run out and buy it. Yes I think it actually does work and can have fabulous results, but I think you probably only really need something of the sort if you have aging skin or troubled skin. Or in my case, aging troubled skin. Basically if you’re 20 and have yet to see any signs of aging and are not suffering with blemishes or uneven texture, save your money. My 20-year old skin would not have benefited from this product…well, I don’t think I would have seen any kind of visible benefit. The Luna Sleeping Night Oil is definitely a fantastic product for anyone with problematic skin or aging skin, but it’s not a necessity for anyone who is just hoping to make already acceptable skin just a tad better.

If you’re curious about the aesthetics of Luna, they are actually quite impressive too. You receive 1 fl oz in a weighty tinted glass bottle for $105 – available at Sephora in the US & I believe at SpaceNK stores in the UK (I don’t currently see it on their website). The Oil itself is blue-green thanks to the Blue Tanzy essential oil. It smells a bit odd as there is no added fragrance. The best way I can describe the scent is that of a medicinal flower. It takes a bit of getting used to, but now that I am, I find it kind of soothing in a weird way. The dropper top screws off to reveal a beautiful glass dropper tip that only seems to dispense the oil if you squeeze the top. Most oils just kind of drip off of the dropper without needing a squeeze, but somehow this dropper knows how to avoid accidental drips! JThe bottle has a sturdy square base that is unlikely to tip over without a good push. It’s all elegantly designed and just opening the box itself has an expensive luxurious feel to it. The whole product produces a nice pampering experience.

So there you have my rather jumbled thoughts about Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil. This was so incredibly difficult to write and I am deeply sorry if it’s all over the place, hard to read or hard to understand. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve explained anything very well. I would definitely direct you to watch or read any interviews with Sunday Riley herself as she can explain the products and the brand’s philosophy much better than I. If you’ve tried the Luna Oil, or anything else from the brand, let me know your thoughts because I am really interested in the line now. I just started using the Eye Cream last night and again feel as though I see a slight improvement in the millia under my eyes. It sounds crazy I know, but I genuinely feel that Sunday Riley has gotten something really right!

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