Since Summer has officially arrived (yea!), I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of the types of products I seem to turn to year after year when the weather heats up. I don’t tend to have a specific “Summer routine,” but there are definitely certain types of products that I gravitate toward when I’d rather be enjoying the sunshine than messing around with makeup. The general rule seems to be that it must be quick, easy and relatively sweat-proof.

One change that I do tend to make in the Summer is to change up my lip colors. This happens both via formula as well as the types of shades I reach for. I’m going to start with formula. As you may have guessed from my Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick review (found here), I love more of a semi-sheer formulation when the sun comes out. Lip stains, tinted balms and lip crayons are often my go-tos. Obviously the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks are among my absolute favorites, but some others to check out are the Endless Summer Lipsticks from Lipstick Queen, the Butter Lipsticks from NYX, the Colour Crush Shine Lipsticks from The Body Shop, the Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick in “Fuchsia-Ristic” is perfect, and the NARS Christopher Kane Lip Glosses are absolutely ideal for a transparent wash of staining beauty (see that review here)! Basically if it’s a “no muss, no fuss” kind of product, I’m up for it! J

Moving to the opposite spectrum of lip colors, I also love a bright, bold lip in the Summer. Oranges, bright reds, loud pinks and corals reign supreme. They give the impression that you’ve tried without actuallyhaving to put in a lot of effort. J Lately I have been absolutely hooked on the ColourPop Lippie Stix. They are insanely opaque, the mattes and satins are surprisingly comfortable and solong wearing, plus they come in so manyintense shades ranging from green and black to totally nude and everything in between. Since they are only $5 each, they are an affordable way to try out shades you may ordinarily be terrified to wear. I can’t tell you how many new favorite shades I’ve found by just thinking a color looked pretty, purchasing it and being pleasantly surprised by the result! J When going bright, they do require a bit of care when applying, but these wear beautifully with minimal touch ups required. Obviously ColourPop isn’t the only super-opaque lipstick around, but they are definitely stand-outs in my book.
Top to Bottom: Fighter, Frenchie, Toucan, Julep, Juicy, Chi-Chi & Topanga
Moving on to cheeks, a good long-wearing blush is essential for me when the weather heats up. I always prefer something that lasts, but with the sweating, the potential for heavy rain and water-time fun, something that stays put becomes even more important. Again, I often favor bolder colors, but I also love sheer stain-like products as well. Often these are lip-cheek hybrids, but I rarely find them as nice on the lips as on the cheeks. Some of my favorite flush-inducing products include the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelees (reviewed here), Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Blushes, the BECCA Beach Tints, and again from ColourPop, the Super Shock Cheeks (blushes). The ColourPop Blushes don’t really create a sheer, stained flush, but they are super easy, long-wearing options in gorgeoussummery shades.
For the eyes, I favor shadow crayons and cream shadows. They are just so quick and easy to apply, blend out nicely and generally wear quite well. I usually just use my fingers for quick, easy, or even a messy application. Bronzes and coppers reign supreme, but again, it’s more about the formulation than the color. Some of my favorites are the Milani Shadow Eyez Pencils, more recently the Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks, the Flower Beauty Color Play Crème Eye Shadows (though they discontinued some of my fav shades), and again the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows rock my world. I have been addicted to the insane beauty of ColourPop’s “Dare” and “On the Rocks” lately. So quick, so easy, yet still so pretty! Basically if I can apply a single shade with my finger and rush out the door, I’m sold! J
Summer is a time for carefree fun in the sun, and I guess I seek the same things in my makeup products. J I hope this helps if you’ve been looking for some super Summer-worthy makeup formulas this year. I’d love to hear what you reach for when the sun comes out and the temperature rises too!!!

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