I swear this product sounds like the biggest gimmick that has no hope of doing anything at all, but I found it on sale in a set around Christmas time and decided, “why not?” Well I am so incredibly glad I did because the Living Proof Prime Style Extender is definitely one of my absolute must-have hair products!

So what is this weird new concoction? The Prime Style Extender is basically just what is says. It’s intended to be a hair “primer” of sorts that helps extend whatever way you choose to style your hair. See where the gimmicky bit starts? JHaving fine hair that is weighed down by everything, that is the first hurdle. This thick, but lightweight gel-cream hybrid passes with flying colors! I can load this on my strands and the result is never a stringy, flat messy mop on my head. In fact, it may even give the tiniest bit of volume. Not sure on that, but it might. My typical use is probably a bit more than 2 quarters worth, but I can use more or less without difference in appearance; the main different is in the hold of the style – the more the better.

Something it absolutely does do is prolong the time I can go between washings! My hair tends to get greasy quickly – two days is kind of the max I can go – but with Prime, I can literally go for 4-5 days without washing my hair or using dry shampoo and not looking too terribly bad. The 4thor 5th day can be a bit questionable without a touch of dry shampoo, but it’s not obvious that my hair hasn’t been washed. I’m not quite sure how it does it, but Prime somehow repels oils without drying out my already fried locks! Absolutely incredible in my book!
Not only does it prevent a bad case of the greasies, but I feel like my hair looks a bit more polished no matter what I do to my hair. I can’t quite pinpoint why it looks better, but it does. And if you really want to test Prime’s magic, heat style your hair…prepare to be amazed! J
I prefer to keep my hair styled somewhere between a curl and a wave, but it’s a chore I kind of dread. Anything that can prolong the time between curling iron liaisons is spectacular in my book, not to mention better for the condition of my hair. Well you guessed it Prime does just that! As with pretty much anything, curls will drop a bit after styling, but once in their final resting position, the curls will stay looking pretty much the same until slept on. Even after a night of tossing and turning the curl/waves are still there! Granted they have relaxed a bit more each day and brushing will speed up the de-curling process, but I can genuinely go the same 4 to 5 days with at least a bit of wave to my hair – no touchups required!
Left to Right: Day 1 – Hair Freshly Curled (un-brushed),
Day 2 – Finger Combed, No Touchups (Post-Workout),
Day 3 – Hair Lightly Brushed & No Touchups
Skeptic no more! Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender is absolutely a must have in my hair care arsenal. For the grease prevention alone it is worth its weight in gold. Throw in the overall improved appearance and the style retention and it is definitely a winner.
Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender retails for $20 for a 5oz inverted squeeze tube and is currently exclusive to Sephora and LivingProof.com. There is also a convenient 2oz Travel Size for $12 and an economy size with a pump (so tempting!) of 24oz for $59 on Sephora’s site.

For Living’s Proof Animal Testing Policy, see my last post here.

Un-Styled 2nd Day Hair!!!

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