Recently, I wrote a post about the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (check it out here) – not to mention the blogosphere seems to be buzzing about it as well. But, with a $26 price tag and the debatable status of lanolin as a cruelty-free ingredient, I’m sure plenty would love an alternative. I know I sure would, though I love the smell and taste of the Bite Mask. But somehow ingesting sheep’s wool wax doesn’t sounds terribly appetizing. Well, make way for The Body Shop’s Aloe Lip Care!!!

I believe I first heard mention of the Aloe Lip Care from EssieButton on YouTube. It sounded incredible from her description, and I decided the next time The Body Shop had a good sale, I’d grab one! Easier said then done because it is almost alwayssold out! J I finally got my hands on a tube and I’m really glad I did because, as I’ve hinted, it is quite comparable to the Bite Agave Lip Mask!!!

Like the Bite Lip Mask, The Body’s Shop’s Aloe Lip Care has a quite thick gel-like consistency that feels very protective on the lips. It is definitely still present on the lips after a good night’s sleep, so it is more than just a balm that wears away after half an hour. They both keep lips feeling plump, protected and hydrated very nicely. It is not at really sticky, but because it is so thick, it feels almost a tiny bit tacky. It’s not at all unpleasant or uncomfortable in my opinion, but it is definitely a nighttime lip care product that is probably not the best for general daytime use. I should also add that neither of these lip treatments are miracle workers. Yes, they will hydrate, protect and soothe lips, but they will not completely relieve dry, flaking or chapped lips immediately. Both good and bad, I would have to say that, at least in terms of texture and benefit, The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care is nearly identical to the Bite Agave Lip Mask…and for about one third the price!!! J

Though the benefits are pretty much the same, there are a few differences between the two lip products. Instead of using lanolin to achieve the hydrating and protective barrier, The Body Shop uses Aloe Vera – hence the name. J This is a welcome change in my eyes and fantastic for anyone with sensitive lips. In fact, this would be a great treatment to use post-sun exposure or for sunburnt lips. However, the Aloe Lip Care feels a tiny bit thicker, not quite as soft, and is more noticeable on the lips than the Bite. These differences seem rather minor and don’t make me choose one over the other. Another difference is the squeeze tube. The Body Shop’s tube has an applicator so that it can be applied directly to the lips, while Bite’s rigid tube requires applying with your finger. The Body Shop’s tube is also nice, squishy plastic so that it can be squeezed easily. The Bite tube is metal and a nightmare to get the product out of. I suppose it might be recyclable, but I always find it squeezes out waaaay too much, or I have to stand on it to get anything out…and then it dispenses way too much. J The only other significant difference that I see between the two is the scent and taste – Bite has a delicious vanilla-y scent/flavor, while The Body Shop’s tastes of aloe. In other words, it kind of tastes like a plant, which isn’t the most pleasant, but it’s not unbearable either. Overall, I feel like The Body Shop’s Aloe Lip Care is every bit as good as the Bite Agave Lip Mask! J

My verdict? If you’ve been hearing about the Bite Agave Lip Mask, but don’t want to shell out the hefty price tag or object to the lanolin in it, definitely give The Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Lip Care a shot because they are as close to dupes as is probably possible! J

The Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Lip Care retails for $9.50 (watch for frequent sales) and can be found in stores or on their website.

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