Out of frustration over the availability of organic, earth-friendly and animal friendly cosmetics, Darcey Diehl created Lippy Girl Makeup. Lippy Girl is a Canadian company that focuses on professional quality products that are “ecofriendly, natural, organic, vegetarian and animal friendly.” Not only are the products natural, organic, vegetarian and chemical preservative-free, but so are the ingredients! That’s my kind of beauty brand! J
Their goal is to not only create great makeup products, but to be a movement of sorts. They aim to prove that not only is animal testing unnecessary, but so are animal additives and nasty chemicals. And to continue in the vein of a novel approach to cosmetics, Lippy Girl stands by three core values: Trust (meaning complete openness and communication), Respect (they actually value people, as well as animals and the environment), and Integrity. Integrity in cosmetics? How absurd! J
They currently have a line of Organic Lipsticks in seven shades, Vegan and Organic Lipsticks (called Vegocentric Lipsticks) in eight shades, Organic Mineral Blushes in five shades, a Lip Gloss, a Lip Shimmer, and a Lip Conditioner. All are available on their website.
Organic Mineral Blush in “Bitch Slap”
Lippy Girl is rewriting the rules of creating amazing cosmetic products by doing it on their own terms!

Reviews to come shortly!!! 🙂


  1. I can't wait to see your reviews, especially the Vegan Lipstick – it's the one I haven't used and have contemplated picking one up in Surf Betty. I have Bitchslap too and love it – it's super pigmented!

  2. Bitch Slap is great 🙂

    I now have 4 of the Vegan lipsticks because they were briefly on sale on VeganCuts.com. I already had one and decided to stock up! 🙂 I debated Surf Betty & Snow Bunny, but ended up choosing Fancy Pants, Schmoopy & P-Bomb. I wanted to try some more colorful shades. I also have Snog Me which is very similar to my lip color but just a tiny bit deeper.

    I really want to try more of the Organic shades too! I have a problem! 🙂

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