I recently picked up the new Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant because I seem to have a desire to try every lip scrub on the market! I tested it on my hand in the store and it appealed to me because it had rough, raw sugar like the Lush lip scrubs, but unlike those really rough scrubs, Tarte combines the sugar with a really nice, hydrating balm-like mixture. It seemed gentle, yet effective – a combination that seems difficult to find. So how did it live up to my hopes? Keep reading to find out!

The Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant comes in an oval shaped tin. This means you have to dip your finger in for those germ-a-phobes out there. I do not mind that so much for a lip scrub since I only use them at home and can make sure my hands are clean before using it, but I know some really dislike products like this. My only complaint about the packaging is that the top can be rather tough to remove. I suspect this is to keep the product inside from drying out as it is a balm-like consistency and it also will keep the lid from easily falling off should you pack it in a bag. A minor complaint, and given the product inside, worth the very slight annoyance!

Just as I had hoped, Tarte’s new lip scrub is gentle yet effective for removing dead skin on the lips while hydrating and conditioning them! The raw sugar is a great, rough exfoliant while the balm-like base moisturizes and conditions while helping the sugar glide over lips and preventing the scrub from being too rough and just kind of scraping up lips. The sugar smoothes lips, though it took a few uses before they felt completely free of dead skin, and the Maracuja-based balm softens and hydrates lips, creating an overall feel of soft, healthy, conditioned lips! It has become by far my favorite lip scrub! All of my complaints about the Lush (too rough) and Bite (not abrasive enough) scrubs seem to have been addressed with Tarte’s Maracuja Lip Exfoliant and the perfect scrub now exists!

The Maracuja Lip Exfoliant has a very definite and rather strong mint scent / taste. I actually love it, but I know mint is not for everyone. According to Tarte’s website, this scrub combines raw sugar with pure Maracuja oil for softer lips (these are not the only ingredients and it does include beeswax for those who try to avoid that ingredient). The pure Maracuja oil promotes hydration, cell recovery and surface regeneration to help create lips that are “noticeably revitalized and fuller.” Also included are essential fatty acids to repair and rejuvenate lips and Vitamin C to help exfoliate lips. As with all Tarte products, it is paraben and free of petrolatum, as well as many other “bad-for-you” ingredients. I really love this scrub and would highly recommend it, especially as those winter months of chapped lips are rapidly approaching.

The Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant retails for $16.00 and is available from:
www.Ulta.com and retail locations
www.Sephora.com and retail locations
For more information about Tarte Cosmetics and their animal testing policies, check out my post here.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Tarte Cosmetics in any way, nor have I been compensated for this review.


  1. I love this product too, the best I have found to date. I wish it were getting more attention though, yours seems to be the only comprehensive review available at the moment.

  2. although i think this is a great product as well,,, i think 16 dollars is too much for the amount and the ingredients…i put on a very thin layer of vaseline or the egyptian miracle balm (big pot of it for 35$ lasts forever)and i have moist great lips in the am… and the vaseline comes in a tube you can keep in your bag… but the tarte tin is cute ,,,,

  3. Thank you for the great suggestions! I agree it is pricey for what you get, but I personally find it's more effective than anything else I have tried. I'm glad you have found something else that works for you!!! 🙂


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