Fresh’s version of a sugar-based lip scrub uses brown sugar to banish dead, flaky skin from lips. In addition, it adds moisture and conditions lips with Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed oil and Grape Seed oil. It does not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic dyes or petrochemicals. It has a slight, sweet sugary fragrance and is brown in color. The texture is very much like a thick sugar scrub for the body. It is not straight sugar or sugar doused in oils, but rather a thick, emulsified mixture of brown sugar, oils and shea butter.

What makes this sugar-based lip scrub so much better than some I have tried is that it does not simply exfoliate, but it also conditions lips. Since it does both at once, I do not find my lips overly irritated as is often the case with other sugar lip scrubs and it actually seems to remove or smooth dead skin instead of just aggravating it. I still add a lip balm after using the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, but it is not really necessary, I just find my lips feel better with a bit more moisture than the Polish provides. I also would probably not use this scrub every day as it is still an intense exfoliation, but if used 1 to 3 times a week, a daily exfoliant is probably unnecessary.

The thick consistency of Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish makes a very, very tiny amount go a looooong way. This 0.6oz tub will last forever, figuratively speaking of course. Rubbed onto the lips, there is a definite exfoliating feeling from the brown sugar, but as stated above, there is also the sense of a lip balm-like application at the same time leaving lips feeling soft and hydrated. It tastes sweet due to the sugar, but does not have an overtly flavored taste as many lip balms do. The Fresh Sugar Lip Polish does exactly as it says: it exfoliates and conditions and it does so beautifully. I really like this product and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking something to exfoliate the lips.

Compared to the Bite Whipped Cherry Fruit Lip Scrub which I have previously reviewed and can be found here, I like them both for different reasons. If one is seeking a really good scrub for the lips, I would go with the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. However, if one needs more of a gentle daily scrub for the lips or if sugar is too harsh for one’s lips, I would go with the Bite Whipped Fruit Scrub. Also, if lips need moisture more than exfoliation, I would choose the Bite Scrub as Bite’s version is quite wonderful for hydrating and conditioning the lips. I tend to use them both depending on the condition of my lips at the time. I usually use the Fresh Lip Polish once or twice a week and the Bite Scrub the rest of the week. I find this keeps my lips relatively flake-free without causing irritation.

Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish retails for $22.50 and is available from and in Sephora retail locations.

Discliamer: I am not affiliated with Fresh in any way, nor have I been compensated for this review in any way.

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