Anyone who avoids washing their hair on a daily basis will know the occasional (or frequent!) need for dry shampoo. If you’re like me, you’ve tried a wide variety of these magic powder cans, but never really found “the one.” Thus the hunt continues. 🙂 That brings us to the subject of today’s post which is the new Not Your Mother’s Plump For Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo. I recently spotted this aerosol dry shampoo, along with a few others from Not Your Mother’s, on Ulta’s website and decided I must give it a go! Having tried it a few times, I have already formed my opinion about it and thought I would share my findings. So without further ado, let’s get into it! ?


Let me start by saying that I was intrigued by this dry shampoo because I have tried the original Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo and find it to be good, but I just can’t tolerate the scent. It’s not the best dry shampoo and the smell isn’t horrendous, but I just can’t fully hop on board with the Clean Freak version. Seeing that there is now a volumizing version, well now that is appealing! The longer I go without washing my hair, the flatter and more lifeless it becomes. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. ? To be fair, I’m almost always looking for more volume in my hair anyway! So a dry shampoo that claims to soak up the greasiness and add volume? I’m there!


My initial impression after spraying the new Plump For Joy Dry Shampoo was, “Yes! It smells delicious!” I can get on board with the scent of this guy! ? It has a nice fruity scent – I would consider it a berry scent. And as an added bonus, at least in my eyes, it doesn’t linger very long. I’m not a fan of smelling dry shampoo in my hair because it just reminds me that my hair isn’t at its cleanest. I smell this dry shampoo basically until the spray disperses in the air and then it magically vanishes. It smells nice enough that I wouldn’t hate it if it lasted all day, but I do appreciate that I don’t feel like there’s a cloud of dry shampoo smell following me all day long. ? Scent problem solved! ?


Now it’s time to determine if it actually works. If you are familiar with the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, you’ll have a good idea of how this variation works because it seems pretty much the same – scent aside. It does absorb oils, but it’s not great for absorbing the oil. I find that this is fine if it’s only been one, maybe two days, since I’ve washed my hair. I can typically go 3-4 days without washing if I’m really willing to push it…and depending on how dark my roots are! ? In other words, it is a decent dry shampoo if you’re not battling an extra-oily head of hair. If you’re on day three and haven’t even looked in the direction of dry shampoo during that time, this will help a tiny bit, but you’re still gonna look like a wash is in order. So it’s a decent dry shampoo if your hair is in need of a bit of a refresh, but in a grease-soaking emergency, you’re probably best to look elsewhere. That said, it does have many great features…in addition to scent. ?

If you have darker hair or just hate that white cast a lot of dry shampoos leave behind, this is a good option. In fact, in the world of affordable dry shampoos that don’t have a white powdery residue, this is probably the best I’ve found! I typically don’t care a whole lot about the white cast issue unless my roots are in need of a touch up, but then my hair is highlighted to the extreme. Since my roots are currently pretty noticeable, I can definitely tell that the Not Your Mother’s is not leaving behind that whitish-greyed out look. It also lives up to its claim of not leaving any residue behind. I absolutely hate the feel of that horrible dry, powdery crust left behind by a lot of the more powerful dry shampoos…that typically also leave a white cast. It’s just not pleasant. God help you if you need to scratch your head because you end up with a cake of white stuff under your fingernails. Yuck! Fortunately this dry shampoo doesn’t do any of that! ?


As far as volumizing goes, I can’t say I notice much of a difference from other standard dry shampoos. That’s not to say that it doesn’t add any volume. It does in that it absorbs some of the oils which will just naturally add a bit more volume, but I wouldn’t say that it adds any more fullness than that. As long as my hair looks cleaner, I’m ok with that. There are other products that can increase volume and it’s really not my main reason for reaching for a dry shampoo. So volumizing? Not really, but cleaner looking hair it does do.


One more thing to add and then we’ll sum things up. I find that if I use this on second day hair, even my third day hair is still in decent shape! Adding more on day three isn’t a problem, but if you’re like me and just don’t want to add any more dry shampoo than necessary, the Plump For Joy Dry Shampoo will likely keep you going for an extra day beyond the initial spray! 🙂


I feel like this could be interpreted as a mixed review. Not really. I like the Not Your Mother’s Plump For Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo. I don’t know if I’m not going to reach for it when my hair is at its greasiest and I need a really powerful dry shampoo, but on days where my hair just needs a bit of a refresh it is great! I love the lack of residue, the clear formula is a definite plus and the smell is wonderful! It just doesn’t have amazing oil-soaking powers. Those days I should clearly just wash my hair, but when I can’t, I would say that I’d be reaching for my frequent go-to which has been the Batiste Dry Shampoo…and that stuff could soak up the entire deep fryer at your local McDonalds…but Phyrra just discovered that not only does Batiste have shitty customer service, but that they’re likely testing on animals. ? So perhaps this Not Your Mother’s will be my new go-to after all! It is certainly a great everyday dry shampoo and the pleasant but disappearing scent is a definite plus in my book! 😉

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